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Our Vision

A world in which every child has an equal opportunity to education.

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Our Mission

Committed to identifying and nurturing ability by providing a
welcoming, safe and supportive learning environment to achieve full
human potential.

Our values & culture


-Open minded




Our learning program is excellent and prepares children for a smooth transition from pre-school into primary school ( Ugandan or international ).

we instill in our children the qualities necessary to channel their inherent abilities towards success in life, enabling them to contribute happily and productively to the world around them. Our role is to identify and develop unique capabilities your child possess.

Our human values

We are a God-loving community, dedicated to fostering Love, open mindedness,valiance and excellence in all our interactions. Our commitment to these values is reflected in our daily lives, where we strive to support and uplift one another. We aim to create a nurturing environment for everyone. Together, we work towards a harmonious and just society.

Special programs

At Tavia we strongly believe that every child matters and we work very hard to help all children achieve their full potential irrespective of their starting point. We aim to identify and provide support for their needs as early as possible. As a result the school has organized special programs for the students to discover their hidden skills and also equip with some few needed skills that will stay with them through life.


Learners aged 10-12 years are taught all methods of cooking such as baking, roasting, frying, steaming and others. They learn to prepare different types of dishes which are prepared as class projects. These skills prepare children to future entrepreneurs as they are income generating skills.

Vocational Skills

Art and crafts The teachers harness the local environment and use the available materials to engage the children in basketry, modeling ,painting and many more


A pre- and primary school

offering the National curriculum of Uganda. A community of God fearing, high achievers and responsible global citizens.

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Primary School


Vocational Skill

Our Cooperate Social Responsibility

Tavia School recognizes that many children in Uganda come from poor social economic backgrounds that deprive them an opportunity to go to quality schools.

According to World Bank (2015), 55% of children below 0-4 years in Uganda live in extreme poverty. 38% of children aged 6-17 in Uganda live in poverty & 18% live in extreme poverty. Further still, the children in Uganda are faced with challenges and consequences of domestic violence.

 The cause of this is sought to be poverty among other causes thus making access to quality

education difficult.

Tavia school therefore has a responsibility to support some children faced with the above

challenges. The school through a well thought criteria offers an opportunity to some children

from such households especially those headed by poor women.

For more details see our Children’s charity work on Tavia Educate coming soon.

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Children are admitted in respective streams and classes without discrimination with regard to gender, religion, nationality and race. Application forms can be got from the office of the head teacher.

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National Curriculum of Uganda for Pre-Primary and Primary School
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Because we give your child a headstart to success...

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#Tavia Pre and Primary School Wakiso, Uganda

Tavia is a Pre and Primary School offering the National Curriculum of Uganda. A community of God fearing, high achievers and responsible global citizens..

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