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Our Pre-Primary Section


The section caters for children aged 3 to 6 years, they are grouped in levels; Baby class, Middle and Top class The curriculum is based on developmental needs of the children, development is a product of both heredity and environment. While heredity pre-determined the genetic potential the environment provides the various inputs needed for the child to achieve the genetic potential. While each child is unique they do have some distinctive common characteristics and we designed developmental activities for the total growth in the physical, cognitive, social and emotional and spiritual aspect of the child..

The aims and objectives of our Pre-primary education

-To prepare children for primary education

-To sharpen the childrens cognitive domain through learning rhymes and songs while playing on the slides and swings help in physical development and build their muscles.

-To help the child develop good social habits

-To develop language and communication skills

-To enrich the child’s experience by developing imagination, selfreliance and thinking power